Handcrafted Furniture & Woodturning

My studio is located on a bluff above the Shepaug River in Washington Depot, a small village located in the rolling hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. I design and build furniture to express my creativity, using carefully selected wood and a wide range of machinery and hand tools.

The joy of designing and building handcrafted furniture begins with sketches on paper and in CAD software. I often build scale or full size models to see the forms come to life. I adjust the design of each piece as needed, sometimes with a particular wood species in mind, other times letting the final form and client requests define the wood species that I use. Working with great hardwood dealers, selecting the best boards for my projects, and comparing the available stock with my plans is an important part of my creative process. I manage the entire sequence of building a piece of furniture starting with the rough lumber. Then I mill the boards to rough dimensions, allowing time for the boards to release stress from this process. After the boards season, I plan and cut the joinery, and assemble the pieces. 

I am drawn to more native species of wood with beautiful grain such as cherry, maple, and walnut, and use what some would consider defects as highlights in my work, inspired by the work of George Nakashima. I sometimes use a more figured wood such as curly cherry or bird's eye maple to add interest to a piece. After a piece is assembled, it is always a joy to apply the first coat of finish and see the grain of the wood come alive. I usually apply 6 thin hand-rubbed coats of finish for protection, but I never want to hide the beauty of the wood grain. 

I look forward to working with you on a special project that will enhance your home.

Please view my gallery of custom furniture and contact me so that we might start a conversation about your piece of handcrafted furniture